Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2018


5 - 7 June 2018
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Why Attend?

Advanced driver assistance systems giving rise to fully automated driving vehicle technology is nothing new.

Since the final meeting of the Eureka PROMETHEUS Project in Paris in 1994, it’s been clear that fully autonomous self-driving vehicles are set to become a reality, yet 20 years later the final stages of testing, validation and fail-safing pose a huge challenge to the automotive industry.

The rigorousness and thoroughness of the testing processes need to be conducted at an altogether higher level of fidelity than anything that has gone before, if the final reality is to be achieved with complete safety and integrity guaranteed. This conference is therefore focused entirely on the test and validation processes, and it will bring together collective thought and experience to review the mechanisms needed. After all, these will have to provide the highest level of assurance to legislators, highway authorities and car buyers.

Indeed, if fully automated driving systems are to become a successful commercial reality rather than merely a technically feasible novelty, car buyers who have been slow to buy into the early benefits of driver assistance technologies will demand unparalleled levels of proof that the testing processes have left no scope for errors or failures.

Some argue that fully automated vehicles are still 10 or more years away from reaching commercial realisation. With many manufacturers battling to become the first, there is no doubt that we are on the verge of a quantum shift in the way vehicles, humans and the highway interact. Therefore the need for more sophisticated testing and validation tools, techniques and methodology has never been greater.

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